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Ayodhya is an ancient city of India, the old capital of Awadh, in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya is described as the birth place of Hindu god Shri Ram, and the capital of Kosala Kingdom. This Hindu holy city is described as early as in the Hindu Epics. The opening chapters of the Ramayana recount the magnificence of the city, the glories of the monarch and the virtues, wealth and loyalty of his people. Ayodhya is pri-eminently a city of temples. At Ayodhya several religions have grown and prospered simultaneously and also at different periods of time in the past. Remnants of Hinduism, Budhism , Jainism, Sikhism can still be found in Ayodhya.

Area 10 sq km
Altitude 95 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-28.0 C,44.0 C Winter-6.2 C,26.0C
Language Avadhi , English, Hindi
STD Code 05278
Rainfall __ cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

How to get there

  1. Air :- The nearest airports are Lucknow-134 km, Allahabad - 166 km.
  2. Rail:- Ayodhya is situated on the Northern Railway line to Mughal Sarai Lucknow main route.
  3. Road:-Connected by road to several major cities and towns. Some of the major road distances are: Lucknow (134 km), Gorakhpur (132 km), Jhansi (441 km), Allahabad (166 km), Sravasti (109 km), Varanasi (209 km) and Gonda (51 km).

Places to Visit

The Hanuman Garhi Kanak Bhawan Ramkot Swarg Dwar
Mani Parbat and Sugriv Parbat Treta ke Thakur Nageshwarnath Temple  


Allahabad Varanasi


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