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Badami, capital of the Chlukyas from 543 AD to 757AD, extends east into a gorge between two red sandstone hills, topped by two ancient fort complexes. The south is riddled with cave temples, and on the north stand early structural temples. Beyond the village to the east, is an artificial lake. Agastya, said to date from the 5th century . Its small selection of hotels and restaurants makes Badami an ideal base from which to explore the Chalukyan remains at Mahakuta, Aihole and Pattadakal as well as the temple village of banashankari 5km to the south-east. Dedicated to Shiva's consort Parvati, the shrine, accompanied by a large bathing tank, is the most important living temple of the region and attracts a steady steam of devotees, especially during the chariot festival held according to the lunar calendar sometime between January and February each year. Although of little architectural interest, but worth a visit for the atmosphere , the temple is supposed to date back to the 6th century; much of it , howevere , was built during the Maratha period of the18th century.

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Area 10.3 sq km
Altitude 586 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-Max 38C, Min 23C. Winter--Max 29C, Min 15 C
Language English, Kannada
STD Code 08357
Rainfall 60 cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit October-February

How to get there

  1. Air :- The nearest airport in Karnataka is Bangalore [502 Kms], Also Badami can be reached from Hyderabad via Raichur
  2. Rail:-The nearest railhead is Badami (4 Kms from Badami town) on the Hubli-Sholapur line & is connected to , Bangalore, Bagalkote & Bijapur.
  3. Road:-Badami has convenient road connection to several important places around it.

Places to Visit

Badami Caves Archaelogical Museum Mahakuta


Ailhole Pattadakal


Hotel Badami Court