Bagdogra Map


Bagdogra is located about 16 km from the city of Siliguri in West Bengal. It serves as an important airport both for military and civil purposes. The Bagdogra airport is a major travel hub in the region with flights arriving from Kolkata, New Delhi and Guwahati. Thousands of tourists alight here each month, headed towards the hill stations of and Darjeeling,Kalimpong, and to Pelling and Gangtok in Sikkim. The area in which Bagdogra is situated is commonly called the Dooars at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas. It is rich in natural beauty and abounds in exotic flora and fauna.

Area __ sq km
Altitude 126 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-21.0 C-45.0 C Winter-4.0 C-32.0 C
Language English, Hindi, Bengali
STD Code 03556
Rainfall 120 cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

How to get there

  1. Air :- Bagdogra Airport or Civil Aerodrome Bagdogra from the city of Siliguri in northern West Bengal, India. The airport is a major stop in the region with flights connecting Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai and Guwahati.
  2. Rail:-Silliguri is the nearest railhead.
  3. Road:-Bagdogra is excellently connected to all parts of the country.

Places to Visit

Eagle's Crag Deer Park Forest Museum Makaibari Tea Estate
St.Mary's Hill Namsu Netaji Kothi    


Darjeeling Kalimpong Gangtok Pelling
Silliguri Jalpaiguri    


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