Chattisgarh Map


Chattisgarh is situated in the heart place of India's and Madhya Pradesh's south eastern portion. It consists of total sixteen districts. Chhatisgarh is so rich and it is always a central point of attraction. Chattisgarh offers us a very nice tourist destination. Chattisgarh is full of state monuments, rare wildlife, and carved temples. Chattisgarh is the culmination of the hopes and desires of an indigenous people marginalized, neglected and overlooked only because they dwell in the back of beyond, hidden away deep in the heartland of Central India.

Area 135,100 sq km
Capital Raipur
Language Chhattisgarhi, tribal dialects and Hindi

Major Cities

Raipur Bilaspur Jashpurnagar Dantewada
Mahasamunda Kavaradha Janjgir Bastar