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Deogarh, "the fort of Gods". It is a small town situated in Southern part of Rajasthan - 150 kilometres from Ajmer. The palaces and lakes are the major attractions of this region. It is popularly known for it's Deogarh Mahal. It is a castle of medieval Rajasthan, it has been witness to history unfolding within and beyond its realms. Deogarh (the Fort of the Gods) is situated on the right bank of the Betwa River at the western end of the Lalitpur range of hills. Due to its strategic location on the main route to Deccan from deogarh, it was a bone of contention for several empires starting from the Guptas to the British. The first written evidence about Deogarh has been in the literature of the Gupta age. In the later phase, Deogarh finds mention in the history of Gujarat Pratiharas and Gondas. The place remained a cause of disagreement even in the times of Muslims, Marathas, and British.

Area 24 sq km
Altitude 2100 ft. above sea level
Temperature Summer-21.0 C-40.0 C Winter-4.0 C-24.0 C
Language Hindi, Rajasthani
STD Code 02951
Rainfall 60 cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

How to get there

  1. Air :- Agra is one of the hottest tourist destinations in India and all facilities have been provided for the easy access to this place. It has its own airport which connects Agra with all the major places in India. The Agra airport or the Kheria airport has all the major domestic airlines having their services to this place.
  2. Rail:-The nearest station is Deogarh, 1 km away. Most get the train to Udaipur from Ajmer, Chittorgarh, Ahmedabad and Delhi, followed by a 3 hours car journey.
  3. Road:-Deogarh is easily accessible by buses. Chittaurgarh 140 Kms; Udaipur 135 Kms; Jaipur 280 kms; Jodhpur 170 Kms.

Places to Visit

Deogarh Mahal Dashavtar Temple Deogarh Archeological Museum Jain Temples


Chanderi Talbehat Barua Sagar


Though you can buy some antiques and souvenirs from here, the best buy would be the Chanderi saris, for which it is famous world wide..


Deogarh Mahal