Jammu & Kashmir Map


The joyous chirping of birds, orchards heavy with fruits, alpine meadows dotted with grazing herds, and shepherds lilting with their music a vivid mosaic of this place - takes shape before your wandering eye. It presents a picture of an unforgettable tapestry which is amongst the most beautiful any place in the world has to offer. Jammu & Kashmir, India is the fixed to northern most part of India like a glittering crown of India with all its glory and luster. Amidst the snow covered peaks and the labyrinthine valleys of its three chief regions- Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu - eternity is as much a geographical fact as that of time. Travel to this glorious snow wrapped land of India - Jammu & Kashmir, all dressed up to offer you the most exciting of opportunities to make your stay in India a an unforgettable one. Travel to Kashmir and dwell in the land of varied cultures and customs. Make your off hours more fruitful with a tour to this Switzerland of East.

Area 2,22,236 sq km
Capital Winter Capital -Jammu; Summer Capital-Srinagar
Language Urdu, Kashmiri, Hindi, Dogri, Pahari, Ladakhi,

Major Cities

Jammu Srinagar Leh