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Samode according to the Rajputana Gazetteer was a large and flourishing town. The Zamidars or landlords of Samode the principal thakurs of the state of Amber were the Nathawat clan from Chomu, tracing their relation to the fabled Prithviraj Singhji. One of his sons, Gopal Singhji was awarded Samode, a noble feudatory of the Amber and Jaipur principality. It was among the wealthiest territories in the Amber kingdom. The Zamindari eventually passed within the clan to the hands of Behari Das, a Rajput warrior in Mughal Service. After 6 generations in the hands of his descendants Samode was relinquished to the Raj. In 1757 the territory was returned to the Nathawats. For the 1st half of it's existence this palace was a little more than a fortified stronghold in the rugged Rajput tradition. Only in the early 19th century under Rawal Berisal did the castle begin to take on the lavish aspects. He was an eminent statesman and reached distinction as the principal signatory of the historic 1818 treaty making Jaipur a protectorate of British East India Company. He later became Chief Minister of Jaipur and wielded absolute power. Samode Palace began expanding during his reign and continued under his descendant Rawal Sheo Singh who was the Prime Minister of Jaipur state. He is credited with the Palace's most fabulous addition - the extravagantly florid had painted Darbar Hall and the overlooking gallery forming the breathtaking Sheesh Mahal or the hall of mirrors. Samode Palace was transformed into one of the country's premium palace hotels in 1987. It is a perfect example of Rajput-Moghul architecture and is built on a small hillock, planned in a progression of courtyards of increasing height. On a hill immediately above the palace is the Samode Fort, the family's former residence accessible in times of trouble by an underground passageway. 300 steps replace the original stone zigzag path. Though the fort itself is dilapidated, the view from its ramparts is excellent

Area 18 sq km
Altitude __ metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-26.0 C-46.0 C Winter-8.0 C-28.0C
Language Hindi, Rajasthani and English
STD Code 0144
Rainfall __ cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

How to get there

  1. Air :- The nearest airport is Jaipur from where flights can be taken for other major cities of India. Major cities are connected with Jaipur by air Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur.
  2. Rail:-There are several good trains that connect Jaipur with Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta. Jaipur is the nearest railhead that links it.
  3. Road:-Samode is connected to other places in Rajasthan through state transport corporation buses.

Places to Visit

Samode Bagh Samode Palace


Shekhawati Jaipur


Hotel Samode Palace Samode Bagh Samode